See Jane Collaborate

Congratulations to Marketing to Go client Michele DeKinder-Smith, Founder and CEO of Jane Out of the Box, on the release of her new book, See Jane Collaborate. The premise of the book is that creating a successful, working business partnership takes careful consideration and advance planning. The road to a fruitful pairing can be fraught with peril, from personal values to professional ethics. Even when two prospective partners share great chemistry, conflicts can later arise over budgeting, financial style, growth strategy and even personal values. See Jane Collaborate gives business owners the tools to increase your odds of cementing a profitable, enjoyable partnership.

Right now, the media is filled with examples of women collaborating in business to keep the doors open during the economic crunch. A recent article in the Reno News & Review entitled, “Women’s Work,” addresses examples of this collaboration, including the co-locating trend among small local businesses and what that trend reveals about women as leaders. Collaboration is a win-win in this market as it can improve revenue, offer shared costs, streamline operations, provide a wider range of products and services to your clients, create a succession plan mechanism, and the list goes on and on.

See Jane Collaborate is not only timely, but also to the point. You can purchase the book at Congratulations Michele!

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