Marketing to Go Selects Make-A-Wish as Our Non-Profit Partner

I am excited to announce that for every new client Marketing to Go engages with in 2014 that we will make a donation to Make-A-Wish

What inspired us? The power of the wish. In a roundabout way, I was reintroduced to Make-A-Wish last year. I have been looking for an organization where I have some personal experience to make my participation more meaningful. After being a mom of a special needs child for 13 years – and a mom of two healthy boys 3 and 4 - I have seen the how my life with my daughter Piper was similar and vastly different than the one I have with all three children now. Piper and I were in out of hospitals, traveling to doctors across the country, and many of those years were spent wondering if my child was going to be with us or not. When I was introduced to Make-A-Wish I had an aha moment. Attending Waffles and Wishes last March at the Atlantis piqued my curiosity further. It dawned on me that when things were the direst with Piper, we could have been one of those families on stage receiving a wish. We didn’t seek help in any fashion or support. And I see how much the “shot in the arm” of a wish granting can lift everyone’s spirits.

And our commitment goes beyond dollars. Last week I completed training as a volunteer and as a Wish Grantor. Wish grantor volunteers interview the wish kids to determine their wishes, and then act as a liaison between the families and the Make-a-Wish staff to help make the wishes happen. Although I cannot share my experiences about the wish granting specifics because of confidentiality, I look forward to sharing anything that I can about the organization itself and its cause. For every client we engage with in 2014 we will make a donation to Make-A-Wish. We will also help to sponsor the wish granting party for the wishes in which we are involved.

2014 is already shaping up to be an awesome year. The power of the wish will be the icing on the cake. It is going to be a “two tissue boxer” at least a wish. I am sure of it.

To learn more about volunteering, visit



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