Marketing to Go is pleased to announce that we will be assisting colleague and former American Marketing Association Professional Chapters Council member, DJ Heckes, market her new book. DJ is the owner and CEO of EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts ( ) and published author of Full Brain Marketing ( . She is truly passionate about two things: her clients and marketing. EXHIB-IT! Tradeshow Marketing Experts is a GSA & Woman-owned small business headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. DJ founded EXHIB-IT! for the express purpose of providing quality products, exhibit marketing and design services to federal agencies and commercial enterprises. DJ’s book, full BRAIN marketing—for the small business discusses how, if done properly, marketing can be accomplished more easily and with a far greater rate of success.  The book explores & uncovers some of the ways to tie in traditional, digital and social media marketing to lead a business to success and avoid unnecessary mistakes, obstacles and easily avoided failures.

How will you document your marketing results today? Our blog can give you ideas...go there now! can be accomplished more easily and with a far greater rate of success.
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