What Our Clients Are Saying

Jack Trainor, Executive Director

“A colleague referred me to Laura Furumoto and Marketing to Go. Laura provided me with two things that were really helpful. First, she understood the totality of my LINKS4LIVES golf-based mentoring program. Initially, I came to Laura thinking that I all truly needed was a brochure. After her insightful questions about program operations, finances, and the sales process, she encouraged me to establish credibility in the marketplace for LINKS4LIVES. Now I am prepared for any meeting, referral, or sponsor inquiry. We have a complete branded package including a logo, brochure, business cards, tournament player/mentor registration forms, a flyer to recruit high-school caddies, and a professional looking website. Secondly, she steered me in the right direction while considering my limited resources. It would typically be my nature to have held off on the website, but Laura's recommendation that I complete the package really was the right thing to do. She identified resources that could complete the project within my budget, tight time frame, and according to my program's needs. I am thrilled with the results and highly recommend working with Marketing to Go.”

Jim Annis, President & CEO
The Applied Companies

“I have had the pleasure of working with Laura Donnell Furumoto for the past twenty-four months. During that time, Laura has taken our marketing strategy from a “primary elementary” level to a “college graduate” level. With her help, our companies’ branding strategies have been focused and improved, our websites are VERY professional and functional, our corporate knowledge and use of social media has been dramatically improved and our point of sale material is stellar. Laura’s knowledge of the connectivity of sales and marketing is unique and has been very helpful in our primarily “sales oriented” culture. Laura worked for us as an independent contractor, but you would never know it. At all times, she has had the best interest of the company at heart. I know that working with me at time can be taxing and Laura “bobbed and weaved” regularly as needed when the requirement of “deadlines” conflicted with “priorities”. Laura’s knowledge of marketing, planning, social media, networking and business-in-general have been invaluable in moving our companies’ marketing strategy forward. Also, my ideas coupled with Laura’s writing abilities have postured me as a bit of a “thought leader” in this market. I hope to continue to work with Laura in the writing of white papers, articles, blogs, etc. Laura is very honest and is passionate about producing excellence. I highly recommend Laura to anyone who has the desire to improve their company’s marketing approach and their strategic plan. Please do not hesitate to contact me at jim.annis@theappliedcompanies.com if you wish to discuss Laura Furumoto’s capabilities in greater detail.”

Karin Wilson, Creative Thinker & Designer
Wild Woman Design

"I've worked with Laura on other client projects and loved how detail oriented she was. Her follow-up is exceptional and she asks good questions. When it came time to work up some new content for my own e-newsletter I called on Laura. I was not disappointed. She understood what I was looking for and was able to help me brainstorm some new ideas. She was able to maintain my "voice" in the articles while bringing up the quality of the content. I'm totally thrilled with the results and look forward to the next project we work on together."

DJ Heckes, Author & CEO
EXHIB-IT! Marketing Tradeshow Experts

“Being a busy CEO that runs a fast paced company, I reached out to Laura to have her handle much of my public relations over the past year for both my published book and for my company. Laura has delivered everything she promised and more! She is focused, driven and knows how to keep a CEO organized and in the communication loop. Her National Press Writing Skills have really helped us get the exposure needed for our growth. We have won an award thanks to her magic writing style. I would strongly recommend Laura to anyone that wants to work with someone who is both creative and has due diligence. I thank Laura for keeping me on track and for keeping ahead of me, which is hard to do.”

What Our Colleagues Are Saying

Stephanie Kruse, Owner
KPS/3 Marketing

“Laura is one of the most strategic, most intelligent people I've worked with. Add her uncanny intuition about why people do what they do and you have a world class marketer. She has incredible attention to detail on the execution of projects as well. I recommend working with Laura VERY highly.”

When it came time to work up some new content for my own e-newsletter I called on Laura. I was not disappointed.
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