What Question Would You Ask 50,000 Millennials?

That is exactly what the Consumer Insights Interest Group on LinkedIn asked in a “contest” and I answered. Turns out that my question, “If you had an extra $100 to spend on any one of these things, what would it be?” was selected. They picked the response categories. Here are the results as posted on http://millennialindex.com/.

  • 13% of females and 12% of males would spend their $100 on “A Night Out”
  • 07% of females and 05% of males would buy “House/Apartment Stuff”
  • 10% of females and 09% of males would buy “Music/TV Downloads”
  • 37% of females and 20% of males would buy “Clothes”
  • 32% of females and 52% of males would buy “Electronics or Gadgets”

What would you have asked? You have the chance! As the winner, I get to supply another question free of charge through their network. I am having my own “contest” of my blog readers. Supply the question and I may select it for a soon to be executed survey of 50,000 Millennials. E-mail me your question at Laura@MarketingtoGoNow.com. Stay tuned!

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